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Our next event:  Monday, April 22nd from 6-8pm  


Joining the Halifax County Arts Council has never been easier.

Let's do great things together.

Art is always relevant, but not always accessible. When you join the Halifax County Arts Council your donation goes directly to work allowing The Gallery @ 1027 to operate and offer monthly, free of charge, open to the public Sip & See events.  The montage of images to the right is a collection Sip & See announcement postcards.  Members receive one monthly as an aesthetically pleasing reminder of the upcoming event.

This montage includes highlights from our most recent Sip & See.

Where History Meets Art
Alex Howerton

Metal Artist
Midgard Forge & Ironworks, owner
with a

tasting of spiritous offerings from 
Weldon Mills Distillery

Saturday, November 4, 2023 
The Bradford-Denton House
110 David Street, Halifax, NC  27839

  monthly * free * open to the public * tasty nibbles * accessible Art

Scenes from the most recent Halifax County Arts Council Sip & See event. 

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