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Join us!

Membership is only a click away.  Whether you join for purely philanthropic purposes, for the love of all "things" artistic or for the ever increasing list of members only benefits; doing so has never been easier.  Let's do great things together.

Your Halifax County Arts Council is a non-profit organization* and operates on a budget of donations and volunteers' time and effort.  Your generosity genuinely makes us possible.  So, thank you, in advance, for helping us make ART more accessible.


Worth Noting:  Volunteers need NOT be artists or even artistic!

The following is a sample of opportunities to volunteer your time and talents to support your HCAC:


scheduling, planning, promotion, food, decor, greeting guesting, set-up, clean-up, Membership Representative, photographer, and more

The Gallery @ 1027 

maintenance = small jobs, maintenance = deep cleaning, maintenance = light, regular cleaning, venue promotion, hanging shows, window dressing, and more


* We are always open to new fundraising ideas and practices.  Please, share your ideas!!

Rock the role of HCAC Advocate in the community and when you wander

* Help with designing, proofreading, and producing promotional materials.

* Tell a friend about the Day Tripping with HCAC excursions.

* Share a testimonial (with an actual friend or on social media) about our

"Art is..." Bespoke T-Shirt Campaign.

*Our Annual Membership Drive in the spring is our biggest fundraiser.  


Web savvy?  Reach out if you know something we should already know. 

Is one of our active links not?

Is our social media game lacking? 

Don't let us slip and dangle​ out there!! Reach out and you will find your input well received!!!!

The Halifax County Arts Council endeavors to partner with other community organizations to promote the Arts throughout Halifax County by creating and participating in activities promoting the Arts that encourage engagement with  all ages, races, ethnicities, locales and aspects of Halifax County.

* = North Carolina Secretary of State Search Results (

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