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Grassroots Grants Opportunities!


Annual  grants are made available by the North Carolina General Assembly through the North Carolina Arts Council’s Grassroots Arts Program.  Allocations to each county are based on population figures.  In Halifax County, the Halifax County Arts Council is the Designated County Partner, and is responsible for distributing the grants in the community.     


Non profit organizations and schools are eligible to apply.  The applicant need not have a mission that is primarily cultural or artistic, but the grant funding will be for arts activities only.  


In the past the Halifax County Arts Council has funded diverse activities through the Grassroots Arts Programs through a variety of local organizations, including art camps for children, concerts, displays of artists’ work, and senior workshops, poetry readings and more. Priority is given to multicultural organizations and projects (African American, Native American, Hispanic, Asian American). 


Assistance completing the application is available.  Please contact the Halifax County Arts Council at Applications for the 2018-2019 year are not yet available.


Applications and grant requirements are available each year on the Halifax County Arts Council website:  

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